MALANG. Sunday (15/04) Volunteer Rumah Zakat Malang held a second campus volunteer activity with the theme “Training to make Bivouac”. This material is prepared to increase the capacity of volunteer candidates before following the upcoming Volunteer Camp in May.

Campus Volunteers held in the Hall of SMP Muhammadyah 6 Malang City and was attended by 18 candidates Volunteers Rumah Zakat.

Presenters of Campus Volunteers this time is Deny Prabasworo, Scouting as well as volunteer Coordinator of Rumah Zakat Malang Period 2015-2017.

This material begins with the introduction and function of bivouac in general.

” Bivouac is a temporary shelter in the wild from a variety of weather disturbances, wild animals, and wind of course, based on the type of bivouac divided into 2, namely natural bivouac and artificial bivouac,” said Deny Prabasworo.

In addition to explaining the type of Bivouac, the volunteer candidates were also given a few things to consider before making Bivouac such as ensuring the location where the bivouac will be established safe from the wind, and dry, do not build the bivouac in the watercourse other than that Length of stay, people who live in bivouacs must also be considered.

“Today’s volunteer campus teaches me to live a simple life, we are taught how to survive in the midst of limitations, the lesson of making bivouacs is also quite interesting for me, especially since it is the first time for me. These materials taught us team cohesiveness, time management and extra patience to achieve goals, ” said Dina Amelia, volunteer candidate of Rumah Zakat Malang.

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