WONOGIRI. “It is okay to live in the village, but the income is not inferior to those who live in the city.” That is the motivation given by Mukhlisin, S.Pd in ​​front of dozens of young people of Karang Taruna (Youth Forum) Manunggal Karangasem, Ngancar Giriwoyo Wonogiri.


Friday, (06/16) volunteers Rumah Zakat Nofrida AP, SS again facilitate community empowerment efforts, this time in the economic field included into Senyum Mandiri program. The event was held at the house of the Chairman of Takmir Masjid Nurul Huda Ngancar, H. Sarmidi.


This entrepreneurship seminar enthusiast is the activist of PPMI (Association of Muslim Entrepeneur Indonesia) Mukhlisin, S.Pd. “Entrepreneurs or businesses are different from simply trading or selling. Entrepreneurship has value, that is adding value of a good,” Mukhlisin said.


Furthermore, he gave some examples. One of them is a pencil. When sold in its original form, the price is not much. But after modified by adding some applications on it, the selling price changed drastically, which is more expensive.


In addition, the owner of the herbal shop explained the core of entrepreneurship, namely the existence of creativity and commitment. Creativity gave birth to many ideas to work, while commitment gave birth to the fighting and mental strength that must be owned by entrepreneurs. Given the challenges in entrepreneurship is very much.


When explaining, PPMI activist (Association of Muslim Entrepeneur Indonesia) told the participants his journey of entrepreneur since childhood full of twists but gives inspiration to the audience. The transfer of knowledge combined with the experience makes the atmosphere lively.

After the material is finished, Nofrida AP, SS, volunteers Rumah Zakat Ngancar village challenged the audience to do entrepreneurship practice which will be implemented in near time. The audience also enthusiastically declared their willingness to practice entrepreneurship. The activity continued after performing maghrib prayer.

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