RZ LDKO CilegonCIKARANG. This month, RZ collaborates with local residents of Karangasih Village to established the second green house which manages vertical farm by using hydroponic method.

This farm is a part of Urban Farming program which involved 20 members of ICD. There are many nutritious vegetables planted in the farm such as kale, watercress, cesin, cabbage, cauliflower and leeks.

Through this program, RZ also attempts to tell people about the important of environmental preservation for human life.

“The establishment of urban farming has supported the preservation of environment because this is a reforestation program. In addition, we also could take advantages from it,” Herul, a member of hydroponic farm, said. ***

Source : http://publikjurnalistik.org/berita/karangasih-buat-green-house-kedua-bersama-rumah-hidroponik/

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