SURABAYA. “Yesss, Alhamdulillah.”, A happy expression from the Tahfidz Juara Quarantine participant when the students who were nominated as quarantine participants were announced.

Tahfidz Juara Quarantine or abbreviated as KARTARA is a program carried out by SD Juara Surabaya to form a generation of rabbani who love Al Quran. With this program, students are expected to be able to pursue additional memorization of 2-3 juz until 1st period ends. In this 1st period, KARTARA is held in September – December 2018. Quarantine is carried out 2 times for 1 month starting on 15-16 September 2018.

The activities carried out by the participants during KARTARA are memorization and murajaah, verse deposits, motivation and material about al quran, reading al matsurat together, prayer fard in congregation, eating together, and relaxing activities in the afternoon. The afternoon relaxing activity they do is take a walk around the pond, cycling and playing badminton.

During KARTARA, they were required to deposit 5 times in one stage. The participants made deposits at 09:30 to 11:00 WIB, 13.30-15.00 WIB, 19.30-21.00 WIB, 05.00-06.30 WIB, and 09.30-11.00 WIB. the deposit is adjusted to the conditions of the participants. for example like this week. as many as 14 of the 17 KARTARA participants took the tahfidz exam held by the PAI KKG sub-district in order to commemorate the Muharam new year. Alhamdulillah, all KARTARA participant students graduated and were entitled to take part in the graduation ceremony on 10 November, Surabaya. As a result, the deposit shifted during the day.


The next day there was a parenting event which also opened the opening of the first period KARTARA program. The participants appeared in a charming manner reciting the letter Al Kahfi verses 1-10 with a tone of ross. “Thank God, they performed well”, said Bu Furri Kurnia, one of KARTARA’s companions that day.

KARTARA participants make a minimum deposit of 1/2 page each time deposit. “I am happy with the Tahfidz Al Quran quarantine program. I hope this program can be implemented every week. The system of this program is like in the Islamic boarding school. I want my child to be familiar with the boarding school environment “, said Mrs. Yuli, the parents of KARTARA participants.


Meli Latifah / Lailatul Istikhomah

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