In the scientific realm of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jamaah, four Imam schools are known. The Hanafi school which was assigned to the followers of Imam Hanafi, the Maliki school which was attributed to Imam Malik, the Shafi’i school with its leader Imam Shafi’i, and the Hanbali school as followers of Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal.

One of the things that is interesting was the life history of Imam Shafi’i. Where he was the foundation of the Shafi’i school which the majority of Muslims adhered to in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

During his life, he issued jewel words. Words of wisdom or jewels that are imprinted in the bosom of Muslims, especially those who are Shafi’i.

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Asy-Syinawi, in his book entitled Four Biogrophy of Imam Mazhab published by Beirut Publishing, which compiled Imam Syafi’i’s jewel words. Among them are:

Who seeks power, then that power will run away from him and if an event occurs, he will lose a lot of knowledge.”

“Demanding knowledge requires three things: Skill in writing, long life, and intelligence.”

“Deeds which are the most severe are: generous in times of deprivation, wara ‘(guarding oneself) when alone, and telling the truth in front of people who are expected and feared. “

“Studying knowledge is better than sunnah prayer.”

“The deeds done by a clean person will never dry.”

“If you get in my writing the things that exclude the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, then hold on to the sunnah and leave my words.”


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