There is a story delivered by Sheikh Sulaiman Al Mufarraj as written in the book The Power of Alms ,Life Easier and More Blessings with Alms, by Lu’lu Mawaddah (2013).

Someone has told Shaykh Sulayman about the magical story he experienced. He said, ” I have a little girl. She had a sickness in her throat. I have gone with him to several hospitals and have described the kind of illness my son has suffered with many doctors. However, they are not useful. ”

The man added, ” My son’s pain is getting severe. I almost got sick, thinking about my son’s pain, which made all the family members unable to sleep. We have taken steps to alleviate the pain, until finally we feel despair of all that, except from the grace of Allah SWT. ”

The man then told, “Until a time, there came a glimmer of hope and the door of the solution opened. There is a deity who contacts me and reminds me of the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which means, ” Draw the sick among you with alms. ” The narrations of Thabarani and Baihaqi.


The man said, ” Indeed, I have much to give alms. ” The pious man said again, ‘Give alms today, with the intention that your daughter will be healed.’ ‘Finally I gave charity based on humility to one of the needy, but still nothing changes.

The person confirms the matter to the pious person, and he says, ” You belong to a person who has a lot of wealth. Let your charity be the size of your treasure. ”

The man went away for a second time, and his car filled with rice, chickens and goodies in great numbers. Then, he shares it with the needy. They were happy with the alms. Subhanallah, suddenly his daughter became fully recovered. Alhamdulillah.

The person is convinced that alms is the greatest cause of healing, Now, thanks to God’s grace, his daughter for three years has never been exposed to any illness. Since then he has increased alms, especially at good times.

And every day, he feels pleasure, blessings and health in wealth and family. He also advises everyone who is sick, to give charity to the most precious possessions they have. Undoubtedly Allah will heal him. Allah will not waste the reward of the doers of good.


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