JAMBI. Friday (17/11) Volunteer of Rumah Zakat Palembang conducted Caring for Disaster action and distributed aid for fire victims at Simbur Naik, District of Muara Sabak Timur, Tanjung Jabung East Jambi Regency on Wednesday (15/11). Fires burning 76 houses and a wallet business house resulted in 265 lives lost their homes. Currently the victims whose houses were burned living in the homes of their relatives.

One of the residents whose house was burned is Musdalifah (59), she told the Volunteers Rumah Zakat that the fire was happened at night when the residents were sleeping.

“The fire happened while I was sleeping, and I heard the sound of the” fire “shouting that it was just a joke of the people around me, and when I heard someone shouting and shouting, I rushed up and asked for help to save my husband who suffered a stroke,” she said.

In the action Rumah Zakat volunteers help residents to clean up the debris of burned-out houses and distribute 200 cans of Superqurban corned beef, rice, cooking oil, sardines, sugar, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, anti-mosquito lotions and UHT milk, direct assistance received by the Secretary of Simbur Naik Village.

“Alhamdulillah the aid has come from both local government, BPBD and the organization or community in Jambi. We thanks Rumah Zakat which is far from Palembang for its concern for fire victims, may Allah repay all the good done. Hopefully the help to re- build the house of the residents could be avaliable, “said Mahmud, SimburNaik Village Secretary.

Newsroom / Lailatul Istikhomah


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