EAST JAKARTA. The fire burned houses in Jalan Empang Atas, RT. 09 RW. 05 Kel. Cipinang, Kec. Pulogadung, East Jakarta on Wednesday (11/10). At least 12 houses inhabited by 19 heads of family and 70 people were the victims.

Rumah Zakat East Jakarta volunteers immediately rushed to the scene after a fire broke out and distributed 100 cans of superqurban corned beef in meeting the needs of the soup kitchen to be processed the next morning. In addition, Volunteers also provide assistance in the form of an indispensable need such as Mineral Water, Snack Food, Pampers, Bandages, Staple, Rice, Oil, Eggs, Underwear, School Supplies, Prayer Supplies, and medicines.

The fire occurred at around 15:40 pm, and lapse 20 minutes firefighters directly do fire extinguishers. According to Ibu Indah, one of the witnesses stated that while she was cooking, she smelled like burning paper beside her neighbor’s house. Once searched, it turns out the smoke comes from the fire at Mrs. Linda’s house. Idah immediately ran to find her son and escaped while yelling for help.

“Allhamdulilah Rumah Zakat has given corned superqurban to us in RT 09 RW 05,” said Pak Suminto, chairman of RW 05.

“Thank you Rumah Zakat that has helped us, God willing, these corned we will cook to be a good food,” said Mrs. Ening

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