SURABAYA. Monday (10/12). Rumah Zakat Volunteers in Surabaya distributed hundreds corned beef and rendang Superqurban for victims of fire in Kapasan in Gang I and II, Surabaya.

The fire occurred on Saturday (8/12) at around  8 a.m  and burned 17 houses belongs to 29 families.

Rumah Zakat Surabaya volunteers visited the location of the fire with the Surabaya Disaster Management and Community Protection Agency (BPB Linmas).

“There were no fatalities, but there were several motorbikes burned,” said Mrs. Mahmudah, BPB Linmas personnel.

Pak Djaja, the head of the local RW, suspects that the fire arose from a short circuit. At present, the victims of the fire disaster are at the emergency post in the Kapasan village.

“I would like to thank Rumah Zakat donator. I feel happy for this assistance because citizens can have food supplies to meet their daily food needs, so they do activity as usual. “Said Pak Djaja.

Superqurban is the flagship Qurban program from Rumah Zakat that processes the Qurban meat into corned beef and rendang. Besides being sharia compliant, Superqurban can last up to 3 years so that the distribution of qurbani meat can last throughout the year.


Aditya Evan / Abdullah Tsabit

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