BANJARMASIN.  A day after a fire on Tuesday (11/07) morning – volunteers of Rumah Zakat Banjarmasin directly distributed the aid package on Wednesday (12/07) afternoon in the residential complex at Rawasari street , DPR RT 38 South Belitung, the city of Banjarmasin.

A total of 12 packages of basic necessities such as basic needs, toiletries, towels, blankets and clothing are distributed to the victims. Not only that there is also a stationery and Superqurban corned beef.

Basirun, one of the beneficiaries, admitted that he was very grateful for this assistance. “Thank you very much to Rumah Zakat.This help is very useful for us,” he said.

Fires in Banjarmasin city’s densely scorch at least about 11 houses consisting of 14 heads of families with 43 people.

After the fire, aid for victims was coming from various parties, one of them was from the Banjarmasin government which consisted of logistics aid and public kitchen.

“This aid is very helpful for our citizen, we got basic food needs a bath wash toilet equipment. Thanks Rumah Zakat,” said the chairman of RT 38, Dedy Maulana.

The residents whose homes burned were staying at the refugee camp temporarily and some other victims were staying at their neighbor in and relatives. Total loss reaches of this fire disaster was hundreds of millions Rupiahs. Luckily there is no casualty in this disaster.


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