BANTEN. Sunday (16/09) Rumah Zakat together with cadres of Bumi Asih held Awarness competition activities. This activity is part of the Independence Sanitation Post program of the Danamon Peduli Foundation that has been running for the past 1 year.

Dida as Rumah Zakat Facilitator explained that this activity aimed to review the public’s insight into health which was packed with a race activity between Cibangka village RT17 / 03 and Kampung Kramat RT18 / 04 as beneficiaries of the Sanitation Self-Reliance Post Program. There are 3 race sessions on the event, 1. TTS (Healthy Puzzle), 2. Competition for Questions, and 3. Drawing and Explaining a Healthy Home. Mr. Aep, the labuan village staff representing Village head gave a speech and started the activity today.

“Thank you to Rumah Zakat and Danamon Peduli Foundation for providing MCK assistance and fostering the community in Labuan Village. Alhamdulillah, the hard work of the cadres and the mothers of the earth-loving cadres is now the cibangka and Kp Kramat 99% have a private toilet that we really see firsthand that our community already has latrines, ”said Aep in his speech.

In addition, from the puskesmas represented by the midwife Ratna and midwives Lina was present to give a speech and become a judge of the race. The event took place very exciting and crowded. Kibangka, represented by Ibu Rubiyati, Ibu Nuriyah, and Ibu Safriah, came out as the winners, defeating Ibu Aisah, Ibu Jubaidah, and Ibu eka who represented Kramat.

Jokes of laughter and rumbling applause enlivened the event. The last session in the activity, the committee had prepared several door prizes for the participants. From mothers to children who attend get door prizes. There is one special prize prepared by the committee for the Latrine Fighters of the year that is given to Mrs. Diah, a figure of a half-hearted woman who never missed saving and participated in activities held by  Rumah Zakat. Giving gifts to the mother was greeted by a very thunderous applause as well as being the closing ceremony for the day’s activities.

“Alhamdulilah, the Danamon Peduli Foundation’s Sanitation Independence Post Program, which has been running for one year, can successfully educate people here, hopefully the community will be healthier with this program,” said Dida, Facilitator of Rumah Zakat.


Muhtadin / Lailatul Istikhomah

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