SURABAYA | Hydroponic vegetables are now a trend of urban communities including in Surabaya. In addition to cheap and easy, hydroponic planting does not require a large area.

Even for the hydroponic plants lover, no land is not problem. Because the planting media made of pipes, bottles and cans used and also can be nailed to walls or outside walls of the house. Vegetables grown also grow green and fertile.

To encourage the citizens of Surabaya knowing and able to farm in a hydroponic way, the Department of Agriculture and Food Surabaya held a competition of hydroponic plants residents represent their respective of sub-districts. The result is hydroponic crop cultivation is displayed in Taman Surya. There are 25 sub-districts that have passed the initial selection since before the fasting month.

Agus Supriyanto, Chief Representative of Rumah Zakat East Java, said the Hydroponic Nutrition Garden RT 4 RW 4 that scouted by Rumah Zakat in Jemurwonosari Village representing Jemurwonosari Village, Wonocolo Sub District became the first winner.
“So far Rumah Zakat has been actively developing RT 4 residents in the field of health and environmental hygiene,” he explained yesterday.

Since May 28th, RT 4 greening cadres have conducted hatcheries. Types of plants that are contested were Sawi, Kangkung and Lettuce. On June 14th, the first judges of the judging team consisted of agriculture staff and hydroponics community in Surabaya.

After that, a second phase assessment was conducted on 12 July. The assessment was also attended by the Head of Wonocolo Sub-district, Danramil Wonocolo, Kapolsek represented by Babinkamtibmas, Jemurwonosari Village Head, Margorejo Village and Bendul Merisi Sub-district and District staff.

At the Hydroponic Awarding ceremony, RT 4 RW 4 Jemurwonosari sub-district became the 1st winner, 2nd winner from Simomulyo and 3rd winner from Kedungdoro urban village. While the 1st champion of hope was Mojo village, 2nd champion of hope was Pagesangan villages and 3rd champion of hope was Karangpilang villages.

There is also a hydroponic productive village (Babadan sub-district), hydroponic creative village (Simolawang village), best facilitator (Manukan Wetan village) and best companion (Jambangan village).



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