kebun-gizi-karawang-hadiri-gathering-urban-farmingJAKARTA. As a form of concern PT. Sharp on the environment, Nutrient garden Urban Farming program is one medium that can be used to optimize the preservation of the environment and nutritional needs of society. In this case PT. Sharp cooperates with RZ in realizing the program including Nutrient garden Urban Farming in Karachi.

Not long ago Nutrient garden Urban Farming program from PT. Sharp received an invitation to attend Urban Farming Gathering organized by JFL Event Organizer at (11/27) in South Quarter (SQ) Dome, Jl. RA Kartini Kav. 8 TB Simatupang, South Jakarta.

The event takes place from 13.00 to 16.00 pm is preceded by a talk show with Dr. Yudi Sastro, SP., M.P from the Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) DKI Jakarta.

The representatives of PT. Sharp Nutrient garden who attended the occasion is M. Hafid Faidillah, Jumin and Aci, as well as the Community Hidrojak (Hydroponics Jakarta). The activities covered by DAAI TV, BPTP Jakarta, Karawang and Nutrition Gardens Hidrojak share knowledge about farming with hydroponics system.

Nutrient garden also showed off some types of crops grown with hydroponics systems such as basil, celery, hybrid pakcoy and lettuce.

The event then continued with cooking demonstrations and a hydroponic vegetables photo contest around the theme “This is my hydroponics Plant “. In hydroponic vegetables photo contest, Karawang Nutrient garden get 1st The Best and get a voucher foyer Botanical Rp 300,000 and will be covered by DAAI TV. Gift submitted by the Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP) of Jakarta, Dr. Yudi Sastro, SP, M.P.

Newsroom/Eko Setiaji

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