To stay away from dehydration, drinking enough water is strongly recommended. The daily recommendation is two liters a day for teenagers and adults, however, if too much will be harmful.

Health Marketing Manager Danone AQUA Aninda Perdana, B. Med Sc. explained, the body fluids for each age has a size difference. If in a liter, adolescents and adults are enough with two liters. For children and elderly are different.

“If in a glass, adults ranging from six to eight glasses per day, it can increase if the adults do activities outside the room or workers who sweat a lot,” said Aninda.

As for children, can consume six glasses per day, as well as the elderly who have a liquid needs such as children. For a glass dose, instead of using a large cup or glass, it is better using 200 or 250 milliliters glasses.

If the dosage is too much, there are no harmful effects that can be deadly. If the person’s kidneys are still normal, then it is likely to be frequent for urination alone.

“The dangerous thing is if drinking directly a lot at a time, like a liter at a time,” said Aninda.

Drinking too much at a time will make the liquid seepage in the plasma. It is advisable to drink only one to two glasses in a time, or 500 to 600 milliliters.

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