keceriaan-moju-adira-di-paud-subulussalamCILEGON. In order to commemorate the Teachers Day, Adira mobile library car present in PAUD / RA Subulussalam housed in Sabrang RT 01/07 Kel. Lebak Gede district, Pulo Merak Cilegon (11/25), as in the previous month mobile library car visited TPA Subulussalam.

The number of children who attended the occasion as many as 60 children and 10 teachers, all of them participated actively in the success of these activity. The activity started with penguins gymnastics, kids really like to follow the movement of penguins and comical in their movements. The activity continued with story telling, watch educational movie, reading books, playing puzzle, lego, and coloring.

“In commemorating this teacher day, the joy of children gives color to our activities. The teachers also helped in this event. At the end of the activity we also distribute supplementary food for all children” Said PIC Moju Adira.

Principal of PAUD / RA Subulussalam, Mrs. Bayinah delivered, “Kids, today we get a new knowledge from mobile library car, thanks to Adira mobile library cas, today kids are really happy. Hopefully the kids can take advantage of activity organized by Adira mobile library. “So She said

One student named Shifa Nur Aisyah said “Hooray, I am happy got gift from Adira mobile library” She said cheerfully.

Newsroom/Iroh Basiroh

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