RZ LDKO CilegonPEKANBARU. Monday (10/18), RZ Volunteer Pekanbaru shared a joy to young volunteer assisted by RZ Pekanbaru, the volunteer brought them to have Islamic historical tour at Pekanbaru city, it was called ” Pekanbaru Islamic Cultural Exploration”
The touring for Pekanbaru Islamic culture historical was accompanied and guided by saujana culture lover community. The whole of children the little volunteers came from family who work as a laborer of a brick factory.
The activity begins by visiting the Museum Nilautama. In this museum the little volunteers were introduced to the historical heritage of Islam Riau, Pekanbaru in particular.
The next trip was visiting the tomb of Sultan Marhum Bukit and Marhum Pekan as the founder of Pekanbaru city. Marhum Bukit is Sultan Abdul Jalil Alamuddin syah (the 4th Sultan Siak), he was ruled in 1766-1780, while Marhum Bukit was ruled around 1775, he dislocated the capital of the kingdom from Mempura Siak to Senapelan and he died in 1780.
Di masa kekuasaan Sultan Abdul Jalil Alamuddin Syah inilah Senapelan dijadikan pusat Kerajaan Siak, dibawah pemerintahannya kegiatan perdagangan berkembang pesat sehingga timbullah pemikiran untuk mendirikan sebuah pekan.

In the reign of Sultan Abdul Jalil alamuddin syah¬, Senapelan becomes the center of the Siak Kingdom, under his rule trading activity was growing rapidly, because of that the idea come to set up a “Pekan”.
But the idea to establish “Pekan” just executed during the reign of Sultan Abdul Jalil Muhammad Ali Muazzam Syah (son of Sultan Abdul Jalil Alamuddin syah). Since then, precisely on June 23, 1784 Senapelan has not been used anymore. Senapelan replaced by PEKANBARU.
The tour continued to Encik Hasnah House of Weaving. The house is located in the edge of Siak river, precisely at Jalan Tanjung Batu, District Fifty, Pekanbaru. Old style wooden stilts houses, typical house of retro Malay people. In this house there are three non-Machine Weaving Tools (handloom) for weaving.

“As we know, siak kingdom is one of the biggest Islamic kingdom in Riau” said Wiwek, Volunteer of RZ Pekanbaru.

The tour ended at the Great Annur Mosque. A largest mosque in Riau and Riau community pride.

In this occasion Parents of the little volunteer expressed their gratitude, because they are rarely able to visit the city, especially they could obtain knowledge of Islamic history. ***

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