KECERIAAN SD JUARA DI HARI GIZI NASIONAL 2017JAKARTA. Cita Healthy and RZ back visited students SD Juara Jakarta Selatan in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. The visit was conducted in order to celebrate National Nutrition Day 2017.

National Nutrition day activities this time started at 13:00 pm after the students’ recess, pray and eat. The day’s activities are divided into two parts, namely, 1st grade to 3rd grade following the health education to discuss tumpeng  of balanced nutrition. The students are very enthusiastic to listen to material presented by Dr. Fatony.

Once the material is completed is delivered, the students were asked to recall the material by asking students to come forward and answer questions about the material that was submitted.

At the same time, the students of 4th and 5th grade play puzzle on Tumpeng of balanced nutrition. The students are very excited to follow the game that full of educational value. After following the extension, 1st grade to 3rd grade students continue the activities with young doctors training agenda guided by dr. Fatony with the theme of the Basic Life Safety.

After a series of activities is completed, students are given extra food in the form milk and bananas. The last session of this activity is a common prayer led by a representative of the students.

“I am very happy to join this activity today, because it was fun. Today I listened to a doctor who describes four of five perfectly healthy foods and also follow the activities of young doctors, i also saw seniors play balanced nutrition puzzle. Besides I got milk and bananas, I can also citrus fruits because it can answer questions from the doctor. Thanks Cita Sehat and RZ, “said Damar, 3rd grade students

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