KEGIATAN SIMULASI TP2KL RELAWAN INSPIRASI RZ AKAN TAYANG DI JOGJA TV KLATEN. On Monday (05/23) RZ Inspiring Volunteer of ICD Sengon – Prambanan in synergy with IHC Elderly held a series of TP2KL (First Aid on Accident to Elderly) simulations at Village Hall of Kebondalem Kidul.

RZ Inspiring Volunteer are volunteers that implement empowerment programs in the fields of economy, education, health and the environment in the village under RZ guidance and make the village as a pilot village.

TP2KL simulation was attended by head district, Mr. Bagus Hanafi and wife, Mrs. Amah Sudarwanto. Besides that some village midwife Kusrini Smile Hastuti Bintari, The official representatives from Kebondalem health center also attended the event. A total of 50 elderly from a representative of each Elderly IHC in the village was also present in this event.

“Voice Hotline of Armala the Inspiring Volunteer (085713013010) rang because there is a report that one of elderly in Kebondalem village had an accident in front of her yard, and the status of the elderly is unconscious. There were several injuries in the arm from the fall, the victim’s is Harmani (65).

The neighbors nimbly helped to evacuate the victims and referred to the nearest hospital.
“Rahmat Widodo, RZ Inspiring Volunteer told the simulation scenario of TP2KL.

The synergy between the Community and Inspiring Volunteer and IHC Elderly was opened with remarks by district head and continued with the presentation material about TP2KL.

The event also attracted the attention of local TV, as evidenced by this activity it covers for later broadcast on JogjaTV on Tuesday (05/24) at 05:30 pm, in the broadcast program about Jogja.


Newsroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

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