SURABAYA. One bold concept that needs to be imitated in addition to saving is sharing. Although her business is not big, Anik and her husband decided to join the Shopping Charity program managed by Rumah Zakat. That is, every transaction for sale of Keinarra Hijab is set aside for Rp. 1,000, for donations.

“I am well aware, among the successes of one of them is the help of sewing equipment and capital from Rumah Zakat in addition to the will of God. Therefore, since November 2017 the Keinarra Hijab joined the shopping charity program. If we used to be a recipient of capital, it is time to become a muzakki namely to be a contributor so that more and more SMEs and other small businesses are helped, “explained Anik.

And Alhamdulillah, clearly Anik, although in the beginning she joined the charity shopping program in small numbers, it was a challenge for Anik and her husband to be able to spur transactions so that they could hand over large amounts of donations.

“It is this spirit that becomes a whip and encouragement to boost the performance of the Keinarra Hijab and sell rice online. It’s too shameful to give donations but the amount is small. At the peak of last Ramadan, Keinarra’s Hijab turnover soared and certainly also affected the donations given to Rumah Zakat, “Anik explained.

About Keinarra’s Hijab turnover target, Anik and her husband set a turnover of 2,000 pieces per month and a profit of Rp. 10 million per month. Besides hijab, Keinarra Hijab also produces various Muslim clothes. And Alhamdulillah, there are buyers from Pekalongan who routinely order large quantities.

“To share and become a donator, there is no need to wait for big business to the contrary. When the business is still small, it is a driver to make the business bigger and of course the donation is also big, “Anik stressed.


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