kejar-mimpimu-abelJAKARTA. Abel Rizka Putri (13) is one of clever RZ foster children. Abel, as she is usually called, is currently sitting in 6th grade of SD Bakti Luhur Jakarta. In addition she ever become the 1st rank in her class, Abel also participates actively in activities at school and home environments such as marching, tutoring math and English, computer lessons and badminton.

Her father worked as a security guard and his mother is a housewife.She has a dream to sent both parents to the holy land mecca. Besides, he also has the goal of becoming a policewoman.

During this time Abel always live life with passion and earnest. With the distribution of scholarships from RZ, it is very beneficial for families, especially for Abel’s education. He diligently followed regular Mentoring for RZ scholarship beneficiaries, mentoring inspired Abel i to continue learning Islamic knowledge.

Alhamdulillah Abel became one of beneficiaries of RZ donators through The scholarships have been distributed to Abel on Sunday (20/11) at Jl. Wijaya I, Rt 12 Rw 03 Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The distribution of scholarships in conjunction with mentoring activities in the target area of Kebayoran Baru.

“Thank God, I am very happy. I will use this to buy school supplies, uniforms, shoes and bag. Thanks RZ, “said Abel pleased.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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