RZ LDKO CilegonSURABAYA. SD Juara Surabaya has various ways to express appreciation to the teachers. Wednesday (11/25) is a day that will be remembered by every teacher. When arriving at the school gate, the students shook hands with the teacher.

But there is something behind their hand. Some of their creations such as flower looks cool peeking out from behind his back. Obviously, the flower will be given to teachers in the commemoration of teacher day. They brought flowers as a form of love to their teachers.

After Duha prayer in congregation, the students rushed to take the flower they had prepared for the teachers pa. More over some of the teachers didn’t know that the students will give a surprise to them.
“Honestly, I did not know if they brought flowers,” said Yuswaningsih, fifth grade homeroom.
Its time for the teachers come in to the hall and they welcomed with the noisy atmosphere. The arrival of the teachers welcomed with teachers hymn song while the students waved their flowers.

It doesn’t stop there. Another surprise came from Aulia and Nadia from grade 5. They presented their poem entitled “My dear teacher, my unsung hero”. After the read out, the atmosphere is become more heartwarming.
The sixth grade doesn’t want to lose give surprise. They were preparing “Sister Teaching”. It seems they will demonstrate to be a P.E teacher. Some students are in front of their juniors to provide material about the technique of playing football.

It is time for student to congratulate and thank the teacher. While accompanied by the song “terimakasihku”, the students take turns to give flowers to teachers. “This is for you Miss, teachers, happy teacher’s day’ “, while smiling and singing the song, wulan fifth grade students- while giving the flowers to the teacher. ***


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