kejutan-siswa-untuk-guru-di-hari-guru-nasionalCIMAHI Friday (11/25), an elementary teacher named Hendi Munandar was found crying because of his students, It turn out that today is 25 November which is teacher day and students to prepare a surprise for their homeroom teacher, this idea came from 5th grade student of SD Juara Cimahi named Humam.

According to Hendi, when he entered the classroom the students already sit on their chairs neatly, no rowdy boisterous as usual. “Through the window seen kids have been smiling. With the seating position is tidier than usual. Frankly, I was so surprised and suspicious. Today is not my birthday “said hendi which is an Indonesian teacher’s.

“When opening the door, suddenly I heard a voice, in unison, Children raised a large paper reads Happy Teacher’s Day and other papers, while singing hymn of teacher” he continued.

5th grade students sang the song with a very compact and sincere even without previous training, this is what makes the teacher cried, the atmosphere is increasingly made Hendi surprised was when one of his students named Riri came up to the front greeted him with a poem created by Shafi Khalwa 5th grade as well.

“Oh thank you my teacher, the righteousness that always remembered forever” piece sentence in a poem that was read by Riri

Hendi did not think that students prepared outstanding surprise “Shocked by what the children did. Beyond imagination “said Hendi

Newsroom/Lailatul Istikhomah

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