kelas-asi-rz-ini-seru-dan-mencerdaskanCIREBON.Cita Healthy with RZ held breastfeeding class in Cirebon. Breastfeeding class is one of the programs initiated by Cita Sehat Foundation (CSF) along with RZ to provide guidance to women, especially nursing mothers. The activity is a series of activities of Lactation Clinic program.

This time, Breastfeeding class held at Baperkam (village meeting hall) RW 09, Kesunean Selaan sub district. Kesepuhan district, Cirebon, in collaboration with Kesunean Local Health Center. This time it was attended by 13 participants.

The materials discussed this time is about KMS Education (Healthy Card) delivered by midwives Eti. Participants were given the knowledge about how to use KMS and how to read KMS in order to know the development of babies’ health.

“Thanks to Cita Healthy and RZ also Local Health Center on education about KMS, it also taught me about the babies’ health which is very important to me to be practice everyday” said a mother.

Newsroom/Nurul Rahayu

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