KELAS EdukASI KLINIK RBG RZ MEDAN AJAK MASYARAKAT PEDULI ASI “Still remember clearly when I and RZ Medan’s RBG Clinic carried out health education program in the target area around Medan Selayang and Medan Sunggal, accompanied by Posyandu cadres and midwife from the health center. At that time we took data from 20 pregnant women. 75% of them do not give breast milk to their babies. “, Said dr. Ramadhani Fitria S. Pane, Clinic Manager of RZ Medan’s RBG.

In an effort to campaign for breastfeeding, RZ Medan’s RBG clinic provides a service that continues to be refined. Lack of knowledge is often an obstacle for breastfeeding mothers, so they decided not give milk for her baby. Many breastfeeding mothers with low economic level is better to use their time to help the family economy by working rather than to breastfeed, and the child can be entrusted to others and give formula milk to their children.

When in fact the costs used to buy formula milk more than the salary earned. To cover it, the mother giving solid foods to babies after 1 month old baby. Yet this is very dangerous for the baby’s gut.

Together with lactation counselor from AIMI (Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association) North Sumatra, RZ medan’s RBG Clinic open “edukASI” classroom about the pregnancy to breastfeeding. Participants from member clinics have received the knowledge starting from the beginning of pregnancy, the workings of the organs that produce and distribute the milk, facts and myths about breastfeeding, Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD), complications of breastfeeding, nutrition for nursing mothers, to wean with love. Full given to pregnant women, in the hope with this knowledge, the more pregnant women are ready to undergo the process of childbirth and breast-feeding a baby.

” EdukASI” Class also has a breastfeeding support groups (KP ASI). Members of this group are from mothers who have passed ” EdukASI” Class. S1 degree awarded at graduation breast milk for babies who are breastfed for 6 months, continued breastfeeding up to one year and (Complementary feeding) MP ASI (S2 degree). For those who continue breastfeeding until the age of 2 years and MPASI will receive the title of S3. Mothers whose children have graduated combine to form a Support Group AS (KP ASI). The mothers are called KASI (Kader ASI).

KASI socializing ASI is personal to the patient at the clinic and integrated in the target area. Mothers who participated in this program called SASI (Sahabat ASI). KASI remind the SASI for routinely follow education class, birth control clinic, and providing support to Sasi who have given birth in order to breast-feed their babies up to 2 years. KASI together with RBG Clinic team also hold mobile ultrasound to educate people in the target area.

Efforts assistance to pregnant women through ANC (Antenatal Care) to maternal postpartum home visit was also carried out in order to more motivated mothers to breastfeed the child. The KASI also provide counseling to families and the public so that later they also support mothers to breastfeed the child until the age of 2 years.


Newsroom/Fitria Ramadhani S.Pane

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