KELAS IBU HAMIL PELAJARI TANDA AWAL PERSALINANBANDUNG, Saturday, (23/2), The class of pregnant women is one of the programs that Contain education or counseling for pregnant women. This activity was held regularly every month in the region along with Healthy Ideals built Rumah Zakat.

This time the program was held at Posyandu RW 03, Gumuruh, district. Batununggal City Of Bandung. The material given as to the initial signs delivered by Mrs. Christine Nariezka.

“This was very important Matter given to expectant mothers especially in gestational age which was already ahead of nine months. It is Aimed to prepare for the mother to be Able to face the labor process smoothly, no stress or panic,” said Nariezka.

This activity was Followed by 3 people of pregnant women. The granting of material held by the method of discussion. It is Aimed so that every pregnant woman can ask questions and express opinions regarding her pregnancy experience each. The pregnant women Also the make this moment as a means for consulting the pregnancy.

“Thank God the classroom activities of pregnant women was very helpful, especially the material concerning the preparation. So we know how not to get nervous and can undergo birth smoothly,” said Wati, one of the of participants.
Newsroom / Nurul Rahayu

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