BANDA ACEH. Monday (6/11) Auditorium Room RSUDZA has been held symbolic submission by Director of RSUDZA dr.Fachrul Jamal, Spica KIC for Rohingya through Rumah Zakat Aceh for
Rp 75.647.700, – received directly from the Head Office of Representatives Rumah Zakat Aceh, Riadhi.

These funds are collected from the Board of Directors, Doctors, Officers and Jamaah Mosque which took place 2 months ago after the outbreak of conflict in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims.

Director of RSUDZA advised that the funds are well channeled by Rumah Zakat Aceh and can ease the burden of Rohingya Muslims.

After the donation symbolic process, the Rumah Zakat Aceh grants a certificate of thanks to RSUDZA for its trust in the cooperation program.

“Appreciation and Thank you for the trust of Rumah Zakat in the Care of Rohingya program, may Allah SWT repay the good with blessing value for the Great Family and Jamaah Mosque Raudhatul Jannah – RSUDZA,” said Riadhi.

Rumah Zakat Humanity Team since H-1 Eid al-Adha have been in Myanmar and Bangladesh to help Rohingya Muslims through food program, clothes, emergency residence, emergency school and health. emergency response targets up to 6 months ahead and advocacy plan for 2 years, continued Riadhi.

Rumah Zakat is one of the Official NGOs incorporated in AKIM Members (Humanitarian Alliance of Indonesia-Myanmar) which passed through the Minister of Foreign Affairs after several weeks of conflict occurred.

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