JAKARTA. Minister of Village, Disadvantaged Village Development and Transmigration of Indonesia (Kemendes), Eko Putro Sandjojo, BSEE., M.BA convey his appreciation for the Empowerment Village program which was initiated by Rumah Zakat.

“We are ready to support the empowered village program Rumah Zakat, the program has been running and good,” said Eko when the Board of Directors of Rumah Zakat visited Kemendes in Jalan TMP Kalibata No.17, RT.6 / RW.7, Rawajati, Pancoran, This Wednesday (24/01).

The visit of the Board of Directors of Rumah Zakat to Kemendes is to report on the development of the Desa Berdaya (Empowered Village)  program during 2017 as well as to establish closer synergy with the government, in this case, Kemendes.

“Hopefully, there will be synergy between the Ministry of Village and Rumah Zakat in empowering the village because the country is wide and the basic people are mostly located in the village, it will be extraordinary if we can build Indonesia from the villages,” Nur Efendi, CEO of Rumah Zakat who also serves as Chairman of FOZ (Forum Zakat).

In addition to Nur Efendi, Irvan Nugraha, Chief Marketing Officer of Zakat House, also attended the visit. Murni Alit Baginda as Chief Program Officer of Rumah Zakat and Muhammad Noor Yahya as the Director of Berdaya Village

“In 2017, Rumah Zakat has built 1056 Berdaya villages in Indonesia, and four programs are developed covering Education, Health, Economy, and Environment,” he said.

On that occasion, Mr. Minister, Eko Putro also said that Kemendes is ready to assist the development of the Village Facilitators through empowerment training.

“Hopefully with the synergy that exists between Kemendes and Rumah Zakat can accelerate our movement all in empowering the village for a great Indonesia in the future,” said Nur Efendi.

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