KENALKAN MANFAAT BUAH DAN SAYUR DENGAN LOMBA MENGGAMBARKEDIRI. Taking place in Dandangan II, Rumah Zakat and Gang Jatayu nutrient garden team held a drawing competition held on Sunday (04/16). The event was held in order to commemorate the 3rd Jatayu milad. The drawing competition is themed “The Source of Nutrition Is in My Garden”.


The participants were students from Dandangan I Elementary School, Dandangan II Elementary School, and Moslem House which was the fostered children of Rumah Zakat Kediri. The event began with the opening by Suparno, head of Dandangan. In the event not only held a drawing competition, but also the students were given education about the benefits of consuming fruits and vegetables contained in Gang Jatayu.


After the drawing competition, the students were invited to give their hand stamp by using paint and write their name and ideals on a banner. Excitement and curiosity clearly shine from the faces of the participants when they get prizes in the form of trophies, gifts and certificates.

“I am very happy to join the drawing competition. I came to know fruit and vegetable that have many benefits. Thanks Rumah Zakat this activity is very useful for us “said Yodi, Dandangan II elementary school students.

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