Babies definitely have a special body aroma causing anybody’s heart to jump in happiness when kissing babies. In addition, with their cute demeanor, pure smile and chubby cheeks, everybody will fall in love.

Their fragrant aroma really is unique. This is not only because of neither baby lotions nor their body soap babies’ use, it turns out there is a scientific reason.

Reported in whattoexpect.com, George Preti, PhD, a specialist in chemistry analysis in Monell Chemical Senses Center Philadelphia explained that actually there is no definite answer which explains the reason about this aroma babies emits.

However, another theory explain that this mentioned aroma originate from a chemical component secreted from a baby’s sweat glands. This aroma not only brings attention from the parents, but also hooks the people around for more.

Dr. Preti continues to explain, regarding another theory; this fragrant aroma might originate from Vernix Caseosa which is a type of substance of fat cheese, derived from olive oil. This substance consists of oil cells and skin cells that have been peeled off. Vernix Caseosa covers the skin of a newborn baby and remains attached to the hair and skin of the baby even though it has been cleaned.

Do you know? The baby’s aroma is very strong that it has influence on the brain. This is what then makes the baby’s body odor often cause feelings of happiness and strengthen the bond of the baby with the mother.

In fact, the fragrant aroma of this baby will only last for about six weeks from the time of birth.

The smell of a baby is so enticing because the baby only consumes food through the placenta when in the womb. However, the body’s metabolism and the smell of sweat changes when your little one starts consuming breast milk or formula milk.

Source: islompos.com

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