RZ LDKO CilegonROKAN HULU. As a form of concern to the community, MT Telkomsel Sumbagteng collaboration with RZ returned to held health action called “Siaga Sehat” in the form of medical examination and free treatment to the community. In December, “Siaga Sehat” MTT activities carried out in the Rokan village, Rokan IV Koto District, Rokan Hulu. The event that took place in the village hall was held on Thursday (24/12).

This event received an enthusiastic welcome from the local people. It seen from the hectic queues of citizens who registered since morning even before the event began. Residents are dominated by elderly both men and women, patiently and orderly queuing since register until examined by medical personnel who come from RZ Pekanbaru Clinic. The event that managed to serve as many as 115 people was attended by the Village Head and local community leaders. This event also received support from the health center Rokan IV Koto.

In his speech, Rokan Village Head, Arianto, S.Sos greatly appreciates this positive event. Arianto, S.Sos said health program is very good and helpful. Especially in this event there is an cooperation element between the private parties such as MTT and RZ as well as the health center which is a government agency. If this kind of event routinely promoted and developed in other areas, it can guarantee the improvement of community welfare.

In addition, Rokan Village Head also said that the event was very good because it is proactive to the public, because the today phenomenons a lot of people are hesitate to get a treatment because it would be expensive. But with this program, people do not need to worry about medical treatment and health check.

Besides carried out medical examinations and free treatment to residents, in this occasion was also distributed milk and biscuits to people who got the treatment. ***

Rokan Hulu

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