YOGYAKARTA. Muhammad Jufan (51 years old), is a village administrator and Ngadisuryan Mosque staff. Living in a small house in RT 09 / RW 02 Patehan that he occupied with three families (eight family members) in it. Batik became the first business, but around the year 2000 it was heavy business lived. The result is far from expectations and not worth the effort. Until then he filled his time with odd jobs and helped the production of Ampyang Kacang.

Then, in 2006 together with his wife focused his efforts to produce Ampyang, both from production, packaging, until the sale. Over time, unyielding, constant worship and prayers accompany his efforts that never escape from ups and downs. From high sales returns, the price of peanuts continues to soar, even the only baskets borrowed do not come back so he has to bother in distributing Ampyang with a makeshift bag.

At that time Jufan said to the Empowered Village Facilitator of Patehan, Edy Dwi Daryapto, that he delivered his life and business trip. He also said that it currently requires a postal basket to distribute its Ampyang Kacang. Where during this time he was very inconvenient when bringing many Ampyang Kacang.

Sunday, (21/01/2018) the wishes he realized. The Empowered Village Facilitator through the Mandiri Rumah Zakat program provides assistance in the form of a post basket. Going forward, the Facilitator will also help improve the packaging of Pak Jaufan’s products to make it more interesting.

“Thanks to Rumah Zakat, this help is very much needed,” said Mohamad Jufan.

“Hopefully, with this help to expedite the business of Mohammad Jufan, the business will grow so it can bring benefits to the residents and the surrounding environment,” Edy said.

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