kesempatan-langka-para-yatim-ini-antusias-rekreasi-bersama-rzMAGELANG. On Sunday (11/06) RZ ICD Bligo Share with Orphan program, invite four orphan boys traveled in Kyai Langgeng Park Magelang. At 08.30 am, the children were gathered in the house of Inspiring Volunteer ICD Bligo, their enthusiasm cannot be hidden.

About an hour’s driving they arrived at tourist site, approximately 3 hours driving around in a location they enjoy a few rides like the 6 Dimensions film, water rail, etc. After being around in tourist site, the children were then invited to eat together at RM Chicken Kosek Panjiwo not forget they perform midday prayers in congregation. The event then continued with a gift shop at Supermarket Gardena, Magelang.

“I am happy, I could buy my school supplies for myself and also my brother. Thanks RZ. “Riza Mustafa said, one of the orphans of class X SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Salam Magelang who is currently living with his mother who laborer.

Another child also expressed her excitement, “Glad to be able to visit Kyai Langgeng Park,” said Tri Susilowati, Riza mustofa’s brother.

“I am also pleased to go sightseeing and buy markers, I love painting lessons at school. Thank you RZ, “said Rahayu Widodo, 9 year old orphan, 4th grade of SD Muhammadiyah 1 Ngluwar currently raised by his grandmother.

Newsroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

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