indexSUBANG. Mr. Imat (39) lives in a modest home with his wife and his only child in Cisaat village, Ciater District, Subang. Despite physical limitation, he chose to remain productive. Mr. Imat is souvernir maker made from bamboo wood such as miniature custom home, bracelets, key chains etc. Every day from morning to evening Mr Iman sits in front of the house making the souvenirs.

RZ came to cisaat and then launched sheep raising program, Back then Mr. Iman could not follow the program.

But when RZ added new program which is Leek Cultivation, Mr. Iman expressed his interest on the program. In order to add variations in activity and revenue, Mr. Iman is taking care 50 polybags of leeks in his yard. Leek Cultivation has the advantage can be grown in small fields and harvest prices relatively stable.

Last May Mr.Iman along with other villagers had carried out the fist harvest. Leek is able to increase the income of residents up to Rp 700,000 per month.

“Mr. Iman’s main work as artisans continues accompanied by RZ, especially from the aspect of marketing. As for the aspects of production Mr. Iman requires additional production equipment in the form of a special solder and some other tools. Even Mr. Iman still wants to add the leek seedlings to be planted in his yard, in order to pay the school fees of his only child who now want to enter kindergarten, “said Rico Ayatul Yuza, RZ’s Inspiring Volunteer.

Newsroom/Rico Ayatul Yuza

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