KETIKA RUANG KELAS SD JUARA MENJADI STASIUN KERETAJAKARTA. 5 th grade students of SD Juara Cakung were studying Bahasa subject about Scanning reading of Table of Train Travel, Monday (01/16).

This learning activity associated with previous meetings, such as listening to travel stories of kukuh followed by answering questions according to what their heard about the text and noted the main points of the text.


In the classroom students as if play as Kukuh who will ride the train, they then simulate the activity at the train station. Firstly they divided the teams into 2 teams, train officers teams and train passengers team. The train passengers got train tickets from the clerk.


To the sound of the train arrival they went to the station (classrooms). Then they read the table trip carefully listed on the board. After that, the teacher asks the students lined up, making rows boy and girl, rows of these students as if the train. The teacher then gave the games to the learners. She gave a quiz, which can answer, forward, and skip forward by holding the shoulder without falling.


“How much does tickets of Argo Muria Jakarta-Semarang cost?” Asked the teacher.


All the students seemed to think, and the boys immediately raised their hand and welcome answer by jumping forward together. “170,000,” replied the student.


“Then, how many hours Kamandanu Trains departing from 21.00 pm and arrives at 3:06?”

Male students were seen more spirit raised hand, and they jump, “6 hours 6 minutes.”


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