khidmatnya-pekan-kreasi-santri-rumah-quran-lazis-pln-riauPEKANBARU. Pekanbaru Quran house an event called Kreasi Juara Santri Laziz PLN Riau kepri Pekanbaru. This activity is one of the students’ capacity building program that aims to make monthly evaluation of the achievement of students memorizing Quran in Quran house.

The Quran House Program is collaboration with RZ with LAZIS PLN Riau – Riau Islands. The activities carried out in Quran House at Jalan Arifin Ahmad Pekanbaru, Perumahan Dwi Tunggal, Saturday (11/05). This event was attended by 10 students of Quran House, and also attended by the parents of students.

As responsible of Quran House, Adi Hamdani, S.Pd in his speech said that Quran House is a means for students to improve memorization of Quran. The results from here are expected to bring their parents to go to heaven someday. “Al Quran will deliver both parents into paradise, may students always spirit to memorize Quran”.

The activity continued with muraja’ah (repeat) of students’ rote. Furthermore, students are required to connect the verse read by teachers and parents in attendance. Activity was well received by students, although the agenda evaluation so that students can be better in the future. Ustad Nasir as mushrifs of Quran House said, “Quran House is a means to draw closer to Allah SWT, cooperation from the parents is needed as well. In the future students’ rote will be evaluated in order to achieve mumtaz (Excellency), “he said.


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