RZ LDKO CilegonPALEMBANG. School holidays end year of 2015 this time, do not want to be wasted by the majority of Muslim children in Palembang to carry out one of the religious orders that provide substantial benefits to the health and development of the child, that is by circumcision.

On this occasion, the Majelis Ta’lim Telkomsel (MTT) Sumbagsel cooperated with RZ to hold a free mass circumcision for orphans and underprivileged in Seberang Ulu I and Seberang Ulu II.

Circumcision was held on Thursday (12/17) at SMP Muhammadiyah, 5 3-4 Ulu Village, District I Seberang Ulu Palembang. The event starts from 08.00 to 14.00 pm. A total of 50 beneficiaries received free mass circumcision services with MTT Sumbagsel.

” Alhamdulillah my son just got circumcision. I say thanks a lot to the Majelis Ta’lim Telkomsel Sumbagsel for holding free mass circumcision in our region. Hopefully Majelis Ta’lim Telkomsel can be more advanced and prosperous in the future. Amen “Reveal one of the child’s parents who got circumcised, Eriyadi (39 years).

There are various expressions of the children who got circumcised, some of them were crying and some of them were quiet and they were happy as they got a parcel from MTT Sumbagsel. Hopefully with this mass circumcision program could relieve some of the burden of parents for the cost of circumcision and children who have been circumcised together with MTT can growth and develop better.

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