PARUNGSARI. Wednesday (26/07), Parungsari is one of Empowered Village assisted by Rumah Zakat in Lebak Banten, through Inspiring Volunteer Rumah Zakat seeks to empower its citizens one of them is Mang Udin.


The limitations of Mang Udin’s skill possessed him to continue the legacy of the science he obtained from his parents, the only one that until now is still applicable is the science of tapping palm, not everyone has the ability in this field.


He had to struggle to meet his daily needs then he decided to become a sugar palm farmer, but the problem for him, he does not have a palm tree he finally tried to offer himself to manage palm trees owned by residents around his residence.


From tapping the palm sugar Mang Udin get income after the sugar is finished to produce and then the result he sells to local residents even outside the village.


“The system is divided into two parts, the results of production is divided into two, then I sell mine to the residentsor out of the village” He said


After the presence of Empowered Village program from Rumah Zakat now Mang Udin can have his own palm trees because of Senyum Mandiri assistance program from  Rumah Zakat through inspiring volunteer in Berdaya Village Parungsari, Syarief Hidayatullah.


“I am ready to help to market the sugar palm even I plan to brand plan as a typical sugar of parungsari, because the sugar is original and fragrant” said Syarief,

Syarief welcomed mang Udin’s good intentions, he looked happy and smiling broadly

“Alhamdulillah Mr. Syarief, I am happy to intervene to be moved because there is an unexpected path, with the help of capital from Rumah Zakat, thank you Mr. Syarief and Rumah Zakat” said Udin mangled with tears in his eyes.

Lailatul Istikhomah

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