RZ Samarinda2SAMARINDA. Before working as a tailorwoman, Masnah used to work as bridal makeup artist. However, all of her property and makeup tools were burned out when the wildfire disaster hit her house several years ago.

Due to limited capital, she did not continue her business at that time and she decided to open sewing service business. She borrowed a sewing machine to one of her comrade.

At first, she provided several sewing services such as makeovers and school uniform production. Recently, her business is improving along with the demand escalation.

Considering with her efforts and potential, RZ attempts to support her business development through the submission of business financial assistance and invited her to participate in several entrepreneur seminars.

“Thanks to RZ for the financial assistance thus now I can have my own sewing machine. Hopefully, I can have more projects,” Masnah said.***

Newsroom/ ICD Sempaja Utara

Samarinda Utara

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