RZ Aceh NurainiACEH. Nuraini (36) or Aini, was only a housewife. She lives in Lieue with her husband and child. With limited income of her husband who only worked odd jobs, she initiated to open sewing business in her parents’ house.

Equipped by a sewing machine and sewing skills gained from micro business training, Aini tried to begin her sewing business in 2000. Her first costumers were neighbors and those who knew her.

Year by year, her sewing business experienced improvement. In 2012, she met RZ that support her to improve her business. At that time, RZ gave her business financial assistance to rent a shop.

“Aini is a struggle person and she has a good quality of product. Now her orders come not only from Aceh but also from Singapore,” Syahabuddin, RZ Micro Business Officer, said.***

Newsroom/ Syahabuddin

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