RZ Abdul Mujid SURABAYA. It has been several years ago Abdul started to get out of his comfortable zone as employee by running a business. Abdul tried to sell sinom (Javanese traditional drink) in Sidosermo. “I choose to preserve my family’s recipe, sinom, as my business product. Sinom is a kind of supplement drink for relieving fatigue,” Abdul said.

Abdul used to promote his product door to door in Sidosermo. He implemented this marketing strategy for seven years. In this period, he only had some customers. He used to obtain 50 thousand rupiah per day as net income.

Considering that the development f his business was not really significant, Abdul tried to innovate his business by add new variants of his product such as beras kencur. In addition, he also expanded his marketing area.

Now, the order of his product has increased especially in offices and schools. Recently, Abdul can obtain 240 thousand rupiah per day or 7.2 milion rupiah as it turnover. “I wanna to go to for Hajj,” Abdul said.

Newsroom/Sari A Rahmawati

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