RZ Keripik singkong2PRABUMULIH. Sulasniwati of Lani was an ordinary housewife. However, she changed her status into a businesswoman since her husband leaves her with 3 children. To fulfill her and her children daily needs she had tried various types of business and finally she decided to produce cassava and sweet potato chips and nata de coco.

She chose this business because she thought that cassava, sweet potato, and coconut are easy to be found and cheap. At first, she sold her products in local markets and by order.

“To be a success entrepreneur is not easy. We have had a strong motivation and spirit to reach it. I’ve faced a lot of failures but I keep struggling,” Lani said. Considering her spirit and potential, RZ decided to give her business financial assistance and training.

Today, her business has grown and developed significantly. She has had a business license for Regional Health Department and Halal certificate for MUI.

Alhamdulillah, now I can live properly and all of my children could go to school decently. You can visit souvenirs central, Sederhana Restaurant networks, Minimarket, and our agent to find my products,” she said.***

Newsroom/ICD Prabumulih


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