kitabisa-com-support-program-kemandirian-dhuafa-rzKEDIRI. Economic empowerment program is based on small and micro enterprises assisted by RZ, in the form of capital procurement and / or infrastructure and support facilities for business activities that have been held. Improving the capacity and competence of beneficiaries in conducting its business economic activity, the goal is to increase the income and quality production of beneficiaries. Through assistance from periodic hopes this program can form the individual that can improve the economic quality of life, through the efforts of productive and sustainable.

One of the empowerment programs initiated through the web namely poor independence program. This program is intended for 3 beneficiaries by providing support in the form of venture capital, business facilities and assistance on a regular basis for 6 months. Of course, the chosen beneficiaries already have a business with great business potential but have limitations of cost or the means to develop their business. The beneficiary is Mrs. Siti Umi Kulsum with krecek and crackers food business, Mrs. Desi Ernawati with date chocolate, cake and catering for children business, and Mr. Canturies which opened a KFC (Karomah Fried Chicken) business.

This empowerment program intended for members began with the provision of venture capital given in the first week of October 2016 ago. “Then we do the mentoring regularly every week. The mentoring done of discussion related to the obstacles encountered and solutions, and plan business development followed, do not forget also the facilitator RZ provide coaching related records and bookkeeping for the business in which they run so that they have the record of their business activity and can facilitate them see the development of turnover and earnings produced. “said Nur Shyfa, Project Monitoring and Evaluation RZ.

Given this program hopes can bring people originally as a beneficiary becomes the benefactor for others.

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