BANJARMASIN (7/12). Waste management is currently an important concern in people’s lives. Waste from the waste produced every day creates new problems when the garbage cannot be accommodated in garbage disposal sites (TPA). Now, garbage can be used or processed creatively so that it can be reused and even has a sale value.

The Millennia Banjarmasin Clinic and Rumah Zakat are collaborating to conduct Ecobricks training for residents of Sungai Miai Village. Ecobricks is processing plastic waste into environmentally friendly materials in the form of solid bricks with the aim of reducing the accumulation of plastic waste. Previously Rumah Zakat Facilitator educated and invited the community to actively conduct waste sorting.12 Beneficiaries actively participated in depositing household waste that had been sorted into ecobricks manufacturing sites.

Mbak Oni Annisa, as the speaker told the participants that Ecobricks can be used as an ingredient for artistic chairs and tables, even houses. Ecobricks can also be used as a module like Lego toys but in a larger size

There was joy in the faces of the beneficiaries who were dominated by mothers. In an atmosphere of intimacy, they together make ecobricks.

“I am passionate about making this Ecobricks,” said Ms. Hani (42) when asked about her impression. While Ms. Rosdiana (64), the oldest participant in this training, admitted that she would actively work at home to fill in the activities.

“I am happy with events like this. Thank you,” said Mrs. Rosmila (56)

Rasyid, Rumah Zakat facilitator revealed that the substance of this training does not only end here but also for waste management in the village to be sustainably empowered.

“There is a lot of plastic waste that is not worth recycling, but we can make it into ecobricks. In addition to reducing waste generation, it is also hoped that the goods will be worth selling. “Rasyid said.


Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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