MEDAN. (08/29) Primasy Clinic RBG (Free Maternity Clinic) of umah Zakat Medan managed by Cita Sehat again held Pregnancy Class. The activity is one of efforts conducted to reduce maternal and infant mortality.

Pregnancy Class is held every Tuesday, according to ultrasound examination schedule. Alternately, the midwife in the Clinic conveyed education about pregnancy to pregnant mother with their family.

“This time I explained about the danger signs of pregnancy. It’s on page 8 of KIA or Mother and Child Health book. Participants in attendance were 5 pregnant women and 2 of them bring their husbands, “said Bidan Nurmayani, the speaker in the pregnancy class.

After the education, the activity continued with a Q & A session. Questions are raised by pregnant women to midwives Nurmayani.

After that, Midwife Nurmayani distributed KIA Books to the participants.”There are so many who ask. The question is about danger in pregnancy like how normal baby moves is, sleeping position during pregnancy, about amniotic fluid and much more. Although the duration is only 30 minutes but the activity is effective “Midwife Nurmayani concluded.

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