YOGYAKARTA. RBG Primary Clinic (Free Maternity clinic) Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta branch which is located at jl Parangtritis Km. 10 Sewon Bantul just celebrated the peak of the 10th anniversary event on Sunday morning (6/8). The event was celebrated with a healthy walk with 200 residents living in the vicinity of the Clinic.

“Healthy walk is followed by the entire Clinical operational team and also 200 residents who reside in the vicinity of the clinic location in Gabungkuh Village,” said Alfian, Public Health Cita Sehat, as Rumah Zakat partners in the field of health that operates Clinical operations.

In the Healthy walk, there is also a ceremony of cutting tumpeng and prayer together as a symbol of gratitude which contribute in improving public health status in Yogyakarta especially in Sewon District, Bantul Regency.

The important agenda that is also held at this moment is the opening of Diabetes Mellitus class (DM). A class that will be held regularly at RBG Clinic as a learning tool about DM disease, Classes are formed to improve promotive and preventive health services.

Ratna Kusumaningsih, RBG Clinic manager of Rumah Zakat Yogyakarta said that the inauguration of the DM Class and Healthy walk is the peak event of the clinic anniversary after previously held capacity building themed “TEAM”, HEART motivation and MOM Education Class.

“Zakah fund from Rumah Zakat becomes our own spirit in serving the patient (mustahik or dhuafa).With the spirit of 3S work that is healthier, more productive and more useful we always try to improve clinic service,” Ratna said.

Ratna further said that with the great vision of realizing a healthy Indonesian society in a plenary manner so as to be productive and useful for the whole world, this RBG Pratama Clinic comes with various primary health services. Starting from normal delivery (free for dhuafa), general physician, Kia poly, immunization, circumcision, piercings, Maternal Class (pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and toddlers), as well as free ambulance services.

“Hopefully RBG Clinic Yogyakarta is getting better in service, beneficial to the surrounding community and blessed, Aamin,” Ratna explained when asked what is the hope for the clinic.

The 10th anniversary celebration of RBG Clinic ended at 11.00 am and closed with door prize from Rumah Zakat’s Donator in the form of a gas stove unit with gas and fan as well as other attractive prizes.

“Hopefully RBG clinic remains friendly in serving the community and growing,” said Yolla Oktaviana, Head of Hamlet Gabusan who also attended the event.

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