KLINIK RBG RZ CERDASAKAN SD JUARA PEKANBARU TENTANG TUMBUH KEMBANG DIRI Thursday (21/07) RBG RZ Pekanbaru Primary Clinic back to implement UKS (school Health clinic) coaching for 10 students of SD Juara Pekanbaru conducted in SD Champion Pekanbaru at Jalan Sari Warta Pekanbaru. As the supervisor of UKS this times is Tri Anwarrudin who submit material considering about how to measure weight and height every 6 months and do not smoke at school.

On the occasion he explained that the measuring weight and height is one way to determine the growth and development of children. With knowing the level of growth and development of children it can provide feedback for improvement consumption of nutritious foods for the growth of children.

As for knowing whether the child growth normally or not, it can be known through the way comparing the size of the body of the child Child’s age and body size in general. If child has a body size exceeds the size of the average child in general, it can be said that the child grow forward. Conversely if the children body is smaller means the growth is slow. Growth is said to be normal when body size is equal to the average size of other children his age.
“The reason students need to be weighed every six months is to monitor the normal growth of body weight and height of students so that we immediately know if there are students who suffered malnutrition and over nutrition, “he said again.

As for how to determine the growth and student progress is to record the results weighing and height of each student in Kartu Menuju Sehat (KMS) for students so teh card can show weight or height of students is there any increasing or decreasing.

The benefits of Weighing students every 6 months at the school such as:
a. To find out if students grow up healthy.
b. To find out and prevent growth disorders of students.
c. To find out students suspected malnutrition and over nutrition, so that if any abnormalities are influential directly in the learning process in schools, can immediately refer to the health center.

The types of unbalanced nutritional conditions that can be known after weighing is:

a. Malnutrition
Malnutrition is when the condition of malnutrition happens for a long time, it will result in more severe levels of deficiency. In this condition it can led to kwarshiorkor and marasmus are usually accompanied by other diseases such as diarrhea, infections, digestive diseases, top respiratory tract infections, and anemia.

The symptom of malnutrition are:
1) Very thin, ribs apparent
2) The face looks older
3) Do not react to stimuli (apathy)
4) Thin hair, dull corn color hair, and when revoked does not hurt
5) Wrinkles Skin
6) Sagging and wrinkles Butt
7) Sunken or bloated stomach
8) on the back foot swelling filled with fluid
9) Dark red patches on the legs and buttocks.

b. Over nutritional
This problem is caused by the ingestion of food more than is needed, especially high consumption of fat
and food from pure sugar. In general these problems are common in urban areas met toddlers who are overweight.

Signs of over nutrition, as follow:
1) Body weight is far above the normal weight
2) Body style look unbalanced
3) Not able to move freely
4) Easy to panting when doing activities
5) Get fatigue easily
6) Lazy to do activities.

c. Malnutrition

Malnutrition is caused due to consumption of nutrition sufficiency within a certain time. Then,
then proceed with material about not smoke in school. Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 elements, and at least 200 of them declared dangerous for health. The main toxins in cigarettes are tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide. Therefore smoking should avoid early start at primary school level. The why Reason cannot smoke at school because cigarettes are like factory chemical material. Each cigarette smoked will issued about 4,000 dangerous chemicals. The most dangerous of which is nicotine, tar, and
carbon monoxide.

The dangers of smoking, among others:
a. Cause hair loss
b. Eye disorder, such as cataracts
c. loss Hearing earlier than those who don’t smoke
d. Caused lung disease, heart disease and cancer
e. Damage your teeth and cause bad breath
f. Loss Bone easier.

For smokers who want to quit smoking can do so by:

a. Round embroidery, Establish strong intention to quit smoke
b. Looking for a reason to quit smoking for example, being asked by family or want to improve health
c. Set a date to quit smoking in less than two weeks
d. Choosing one way to stop such stops instantly.

In the next meeting, UKS cadres will deliver the Health information to other friends of SD Juara Pekanbaru “You as UKS cadres should be able to deliver information to others friends. So that more children understand the importance of keeping nutritional balance and health. ” The message of Mr. Tri in the end of meeting

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