MAGELANG. Started from partners in Religious Minister of Magelang Regency, Empowered Village Fasilitator of  Bringin, Martini with Islamic Religious Counselors of Religious Minister, and also as a facilitator of the garbage bank Srumbung Religious Minister, Mrs. Azizah Herawati, work together in a program based on environment.

Wednesday (06/09), at Bringin Village Meeting Hall was held Counseling and Training of Trash Bank for Srumbung Sub-district. This event started by recitations delivered by Aprilia Erna Safitri, Foster Children of Rumah Zakat, continued with a welcome from the Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, remarks from Bringin village head. This event was opened by Mr. Srumbung District Head, Mr. M.Taufiq Hidayat Yahya, S.IP., M.Sc.

The material of the Trash Bank was reviewed by three speakers, Sri Murni Ediyanti, S.H. from the Environment Office of Magelang Regency, Khusni from Srumbung Health Center and Azizah Herawati, S.Ag as Srumbung District Trash bank facilitator.

The material presented was complete ranging from how to manage garbage which is a threat to society, and finally the waste become opportunities, to how to make people aware of care about garbage.

“The training participants consist of 2 delegates per village in all sub-districts of Srumbung, one person per hamlet throughout Bringin and 25 people from hamlet Sikepan 1, Bringin Village a priority to participate in this training because Bringin Village is a Rumah Zakat assisted area ” Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, Martini said.

She also said that the participants of the training are very enthusiastic, many questions asked by the participants related technical in the field to run the trash bank.

“I hope the trainees become pioneers of garbage bank in their respective hamlet “said Martini at the end of the activity.

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