BANDUNG, Wednesday (11/11). In an effort to realize the target of expanding the development of Empowered Villages throughout Indonesia, Rumah Zakat held a workshop on village potential development at the Bougenvile Hotel in Bandung, from yesterday 6 November 2019 to today 7 November 2019. The event was attended by 7 village heads including 1 from Banten Province, 2 people from West Java, 3 people from Central Java, 1 person from East Java, and 1 head from the Central Java Village Forum.

A series of activities were carried out with the aim of being able to find a suitable collaboration pattern between Rumah Zakat and the Village Head formally so that the target- Village empowerment targets can be achieved properly and then reduce the formation of the collaboration pattern to the strategy that suits the needs of each village. The Village Head has the resources in the form of a village fund budget, and we have the Zakah, Infaq, and Alms fund resources, in which the two funding sources collaborate with each other.

With the theme of the Collaboration Movement of Empowered Village and Village Government in Achieving the target SDGs in this event presents several speakers and the best national village head from Bogor was invited and shared how to manage village potential so that it could become the best national village, Mr. Firman Head of Bojongkulur Village, Gunung Putri Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, West Java.

“I will try to invite and discuss about the potentials in the village, what opportunities can be cooperated, both from the use of village funds, as well as from the resources in the village, later when we have found it, we will formulate a strategy to empower it” Said Mr. Firman when found in the waiting room before filling the event.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global campaign that is organized by the UN among all countries. Indonesia adopted the SDGs as one of the references in the development framework. Important points are related to poverty alleviation, free from hunger, including points that are in line with national development targets. Rumah Zakat is an Amil zakah institution that also has a target to develop potentials in the village which is in line with poverty alleviation targets.

“In this event, it is hoped that later it will give birth to the portfolio of each village and create an MOU to develop the potential of the village in the Village program, an Empowered collaboration between village government and Rumah Zakat”. Said Yahya as director of the Desa Berdaya Foundation.


Silvia Itsnaini / Hanaa Afifah

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