BANTEN. (20/03) The Sunda Strait tsunami still leaves deep sorrow for the community both psychologically and materially for the survivors. Responding to this, Rumah Zakat collaborates in goodness to help disaster survivors rise. One attempt was made to provide 16 boats for fishermen in Panimbang Village, Panimbang Subdistrict, Pandeglang District, Banten.

One situation that must remain revived as people living in coastal areas. These 16 boats are the result of raising funds from Tangan Diatas (TDA) Community Concert action. The fundraising is entirely transferred to Rumah Zakat to be implemented through empowerment programs at Rumah Zakat.

The implementation of empowerment that is carried out does not stop at providing only empowered fishing boats, Rumah Zakat also initiates the development of fishing cooperatives.

Furthermore, Rumah Zakat also provides its own concentration to be able to empower women in the area through optimizing the production of marine processed products caught by fishermen.

This is a comprehensive effort to empower the community after the disaster experienced. The flow of empowerment that is built allows the community to be able to immediately rise up and be economically independent. This was welcomed enthusiastically by the community and the local government.

“Thank you very much to the TDA and Rumah Zakat for their assistance so that they can ease the burden of the tsunami victims and the boats that are given can revive the fishermen’s economy,” said Syafri Rahmat, representing the local government in the inauguration of the empowered fishing boat program in Panimbang Village, Panimbang District Pandeglang, Banten on Tuesday (19/03)

In the future Rumah Zakat will continue to provide assistance for community empowerment in this area. This commitment was delivered directly by Ali Nurhasan, Networking Divison Head of Rumah Zakat.


“This is a mandate from donators that is manifested in the form of empowerment of Tsunami Sunda Strait coastal communities, so that we will try to assist optimally and sustainably. And we have done this during the disaster day by lowering Volunteer to evacuate, “he said.

In line with what was conveyed by Rumah Zakat, the TDA Community also said that this activity was a way for the TDA Community to contribute in post-disaster.

“This is a contribution and concern of the TDA Community for disasters, besides the Sunda Strait and the Lombok and Hammer hamsters. We entrust this trust to Rumah Zakat because it has been proven in every action in a disaster not only during disaster response but also during recovery, especially community empowerment in raising the economy after the disaster, “said Andrew Idris, representing the TDA community.



Choiria / Lailatul Istikhomah

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