komitmen-cetak-hafidz-cilik-sd-juara-medan-gelar-quran-campMEDAN. Qur’an Camp is a program initiated to accelerate students’ recitation of the Qur’an. Qur’an Camp is held for students who have memorization in chapters 29 and 30. The participants were selected from students who have memorized 30 and 29. After being selected, 20 participants elected for Qur’an Camp to be quarantined.

During the three days the students garrisoned in the home of one of donator who is willing to be hostel for 3 days, in the luxury house with complete facilities therein participants of Qur’an Camp quarantined.

Dr. Suzy, a neurological surgeon is very happy that her home can be a place for children to memorize the Quran. Dr. Suzy also advised the children to be spirit in memorizing Qur’an in order to become a proud child. He also promised to reward students who managed to memorize chapter 30.

In addition to memorizing the Qur’an students also got Islamic lecture from ustadzah Raudah who is a Hafidzah. They were very happy to hear Ustadzah Raudah experience in memorizing Al – Quran.

The tahajud also become a regular agenda during quarantine day. Output from the quarantine is expected that students of SD Juara can have more memorization. The achievements they got are different, it is according to their ability. Anyone can complete 2 to 3 surah in chapters 30 and 29 during the quarantine.

Newsroom/Arif Rahman

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